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Why you should always have a spare house key

Why you should always have a spare house key

House keys are one of the most important things we carry in our pockets and handbags, but they are also easy to lose – more than a third of homeowners in the UK admit to having lost at least one set of keys in their lifetime. 

Yet despite this many people don’t have a spare house key and rely on just one, or, if they do have spare keys they have been lost. Indeed, recent statistics found that people in the UK have shared about 20 million spare keys with neighbours, friends, family and trade professionals, and subsequently lost track of them. That is a huge amount of keys floating around that could get into the wrong hands. It also shows that spare keys are very important to have as they can save you a lot of hassle – and money – if your key is lost, broken or stolen.

Here is our guide to why you need to have a spare key or keys available for your home:


If you have only one set of keys for a house, but several people who live there and come in and out of it – then things can quickly get complicated. It means that one person always has to be in, or one person is relied on to lock or unlock doors for the others. Also, if different people are taking the key out, it increases the chances of it being lost.

But with one – or more – spare keys and everybody is responsible for their own key, it makes things much easier. Also, if one key gets lost or broken, then others will be able to let the person in, rather than everyone being stuck and needing the services of a locksmith.

Prevent accidental lockouts

It can take just a few seconds of inattention to get locked out – there are hundreds of stories of people taking the bins out and the front door blowing shut behind them or something like that – and it can be a nightmare if you have no means of getting back in.

Of course, a locksmith, such as Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough, will be able to get you back into your house within minutes – and be with you within an hour in an emergency – but this does come with a cost.

But having a spare key available in a key safe fixed to the outside of the house or held with a trusted relative, for example, means that you can get back into your home without having to call on the services of a locksmith. 

Of course, you should be very careful about where you leave a spare key – don’t be tempted to leave one under a flowerpot or bin outside the front door because thieves know all of these tricks and could easily use one to get into the house.

Help when keys snap

Keys are robust things, but they aren’t indestructible and after years of use day in and day out and being bumped around on keychains, in handbags etc they can – and do – break.

But by having a spare key it means that, if it does break you don’t have to worry about locking a door while you go and get a replacement made.

In addition, if you have multiple keys you can switch to using another if the original is showing signs of wear and tear so you don’t have to deal with getting a new key cut when it does break.

Makes getting replacement keys easier

If a key does snap, then you need a replacement one and if you have a spare key, it makes things a lot quicker. If you go to a locksmith to have a new key cut, then having a spare key will mean that a new key can be cut in just a few minutes – and, of course, means it will be relatively cheap to do. Without a spare key, for example, if your key has been broken, lost or stolen, the locksmith will have to dissemble a lock or find another way to get the information they need to make a new key and this can bump up the cost of the job as well as the time it takes to do.

Keep house insurance valid

If the worst happens and you do suffer a burglary, if you can’t locate your spare set of keys, then the insurer may not pay out if there is no sign of a forced entry. It is worth checking your home insurance policy to check if this is the case with your insurer.

Be careful

As mentioned earlier, there are pitfalls to be avoided with spare keys, such as being tempted to have one under a plant pot or doormat just in case you forget your keys when leaving the house. Burglars know all these tricks and more – plus it could invalidate your house insurance. Likewise, don’t have the spare key on show near to a door as burglars can ‘fish’ for them through the letterbox with a long stick with a piece of wire attached to it.

Also, keep a close track of where spare keys are and who you give them to – write it down if you need to in order to ensure you remember where they are. Only ever give them to trusted family members or close friends. Spare keys can easily get lost and when they get lost, they can get into the wrong hands. Even if they don’t, you still face the expense of having to get new locks fitted.

If you are interested in getting a set of spare keys cut, then Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough can help. Our trained professionals carry the latest in key cutting equipment with them and can cut you a set of spare keys in next to no time for a very reasonable price. For more information and a no obligation quote, call one of our friendly staff on 01733 590027 or email us at enquiries@inta-lock.co.uk


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