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As an auto locksmith in Peterborough, we’re on standby 24 hours a day and can help you with any key and lock-related problems for your car, truck, or bike. Our auto locksmith Peterborough is highly skilled in carrying out this work and use the most advanced Auto locksmith and diagnostic equipment available today. No matter what car you have, we can help; lost your car keys, locked out of your car, broken car keys, spare car keys cut, replacement remotes.

All our car locksmiths are fully insured and trained to the highest standard on all makes and models of vehicles. You can rely on them to have you back on the road in no time.

We can help you with

  • Lost Car Keys in Peterborough

    If you have lost your car keys there is no need to panic! If you call we will have one of our Peterborough auto locksmiths out to you asap and they will use their years of knowledge and expertise in the automotive security industry to actually create you a new key wherever you are using the latest key cutting equipment and programming tools. They will do this by first extracting the security data from your car ECU with our specialist equipment and then program that information into the new transponder chip on your new key. they will program your new key into the car memory and also delete the lost car key from memory, this will stop anyone that finds your keys from being able to drive away in your car.

  • Locked out of your car in Peterborough

    In this situation, you may think that the only way back into your car is to smash a window, but this is not the case at all. By Calling a Peterborough auto locksmith from Inta-lock, you will avoid any damage to your car at all. Our Auto Locksmith Peterborough carries specialist lock picking equipment that is only available to vehicle security specialists. With this specialist vehicle lock picking equipment, we can gain entry to your car without causing any damage whatsoever. The locksmiths have years of experience in these techniques and know the different methods to use on other locks for various makes and models. They have acquired these skills through years of training as Peterborough auto locksmiths and are constantly trained on the different types of locks that come out every year on every new car model. This means that the auto locksmith will never cause damage to your vehicle whilst he gains entry for you.

  • Replacement Car Keys in Peterborough

    If you already have keys for your car and would like spare keys, this is something Inta-lock auto locksmiths in Peterborough can help you with. We can duplicate any car keys that you already have and, in some cases, actually upgrade your key for you. For example, you may only have a standard key that requires you to use the key in the lock itself. Still, our Peterborough auto locksmiths can use their specialist equipment to upgrade that key to a remote version allowing you to have a key that operates your central locking remotely. And the best bit is our Peterborough auto locksmiths will be able to come to you and do this at your home or place of work at no extra cost.

  • Broken Car keys in Peterborough

    If you have a situation where your car key has broken or even snapped off inside the lock, a Peterborough Auto locksmith from Inta-lock will be able to help. The auto locksmith will be able to remove the broken key from the barrel and then use specialist Auto locksmith tools and techniques to read the lock’s code and cut a new key using that code. If you have a remote car key that isn’t working, then our Peterborough Auto locksmiths have the equipment to diagnose the problem and either replace your broken car key or even repair it on site.

Our Peterborough Auto locksmiths are trained in all makes vehicles including:

  • Ford Auto locksmiths
  • Volkswagon Auto locksmiths
  • Vauxhall Auto locksmiths
  • Landrover Auto locksmiths
  • Mitsubishi Auto locksmiths
  • Audi Auto locksmiths
  • Mercedes Auto locksmiths
  • Kia Auto locksmiths
  • BMW Auto locksmiths
  • Renault Auto locksmiths
  • Fiat Auto locksmiths
  • Peugeot Auto locksmiths
  • Citroen Auto locksmiths

As the premier Auto locksmith in Peterborough, we can help you manage any problems you may encounter with your car. Our auto locksmiths are available to you in Peterborough 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are highly qualified to help you through the various lock-related issues you could face with your car. Whether you have lost your car keys or broken them, or you need a spare set of keys, we can create a duplicate key that matches the lock on your car. Due to this, we employ only the most advanced systems and diagnostic tools to help us figure out the problem and offer you a solution in the shortest time possible.

To ensure their professionalism, each of our auto locksmiths in Peterborough is fully insured and highly trained to recognize and fix any issues with the car lock.

Locked Car Keys in Peterborough? Call Us

As the most common problem we encounter, you can be sure that we have the experience to fix it and get you back in your vehicle as soon as possible. Our locksmith will show up with the latest in programming tools to cut a new key on site. We use the latest programming tools to get data from the car’s ECU and program it into the new key’s transponder chip. To ensure the old key, if it is ever located, cannot be used to unlock the car, we delete it from the vehicle’s memory.

Locked Out of Your Car in Peterborough?

When you find yourself locked out of your car, call us, and our auto locksmiths will save you a broken window using the very latest in lock-picking technology to get you back into your vehicle. The whole process doesn’t damage the car in any way.

Need Replacement Keys in Peterborough?

If you need an extra set of keys or you need to upgrade your car keys, our Peterborough auto locksmiths will duplicate your keys as often as you want. We can also upgrade the keys to the remote version if you need it.

Broken Car Keys? Call Us

Sometimes your car keys can snap off inside the lock when you’re unlocking the car. This is perhaps the most distressing problem we encounter, but you needn’t worry; we have the tools and the experience to fix it. Our auto locksmith will remove the broken key from the lock and cut you a new key using the lock code. If the broken key is a remote key, we can use our specialized systems to replace or repair it on site.

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