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Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths in Peterborough’s technicians can provide mileage correction services for your vehicle.

With today’s vehicles increasingly relying on electronics, there are several legitimate reasons why the mileage display in your car or van can be erroneous and will require correction. Call or email the Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths team to talk about how we can correct the mileage on your vehicle today.

All our car locksmiths are fully insured and trained to the highest standard on all makes and models of vehicles. You can rely on them to have you back on the road in no time.


In short, mileage correction involves changing the numbers on the mileometer, which is usually displayed on the dashboard, and there are several legal reasons for doing this, shown below. What Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths will NOT do is any work where we have good reason to suspect that the customer wants to change the number of miles displayed in order to try and commit fraud. Before we start any work on your vehicle, we require proof of the real mileage – usually found in the service history – and proof that you own the vehicle. We also require some form of photo ID – a driving licence, for example. These checks are required to protect both Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths and our customers so please don’t be offended when we ask for them. 


Installing new clock sets

It is rare, but clock sets can malfunction and not be repairable, which means new clocks have to be fitted on the car or van. The new clocks have to be programmed with the correct mileage, which Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths can do.

Clock’s eprom data corrupted or been reset

The eprom chip contains the memory for vehicle clocks. As with any chips, they can on occasion become corrupted and the data on it lost, meaning that the mileometer doesn’t show on the dash. In this case, Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths’ technicians can fix the eprom chip or replace it and put the correct mileage data on it, so it works as normal again.

Setting a second-hand clock

If a clock has broken, sometimes, to save money, a second-hand clock is used as a replacement. But it will need to be set to show the correct mileage. Our technicians have the latest auto locksmith equipment and software at hand that means they can change the clock to show the right number of miles the car or van has clocked up.

Again, please note that we do ask for proof that you own the vehicle and for the correct mileage, which will be contained in an up-to-date service history.  


While the act of changing the mileage of a vehicle is not illegal, it is against the law to do so if it is changed to show a smaller number of miles in order to fraudulently claim the vehicle has not had as much usage as it really had, perhaps to boost its price at sale.

If any mileage correction procedures have been undertaken, then it is the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner to declare this to a buyer and state the reason why it was done. If the owner does not do this, then criminal proceedings could ensue. Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths will NOT do any work to alter the mileage of a vehicle if we suspect that it is being requested for fraudulent reasons.

For this reason, we require sight of certain information before we carry out any work to correct the mileage of a vehicle. This will include:

-The vehicle’s make and model and which year it was registered in

-Proof that you own the vehicle, such as a v5 document

-Your postcode

-Pictorial ID such as a passport or driving licence.

If you want Inta-lock Auto Locksmiths to carry out mileage correction on your vehicle(s) please call our friendly team on … or email … for more information and a personalised quote. 


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