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Top five strongest safes in the world

Top five strongest safes in the world

If you have valuables you want to keep safe, be it for domestic or business use, then the aptly named safe is one of the best places to keep them. The robust equipment has been keeping valuables safe for more than 100 years – and they are used to keep some of the world’s most expensive items out of the wrong hands.

If you have any issue with a safe in Peterborough – from installation to forgotten combinations – then Inta-lock Locksmiths can help. But what are the five strongest safes in the world?

Arguably the strongest safe in the world is also possibly the most famous – Fort Knox in America. The security around this is, frankly, ridiculous. Nobody is breaking into this place. For instance, there are four-feet thick granite walls, held together by 750 tonnes of reinforced steel. Then there are the armed guards, a maze of locked doors and a 22-tonne vault door. Then there is the small matter of the vault combination – nobody knows the whole thing. Various members of staff know small parts of it. Then if you get past that, there are smaller vaults inside.

America is home to another of the world’s strongest safes at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York. Here, more than $270 billion of gold bullion – more than 25% of the world’s gold – is stored in underground bunkers. The more than 500,000 gold bars are stored behind a 90-tonne steel door, 80 feet below ground and surrounded by solid rock. Of course, Simon Gruber broke into the Bank in Die Hard with a Vengeance, but nobody in real life has got close.

Another famous gold reserve is the Bank of England Gold Vault. Second only to the Federal Reserve, it stores more than 5,000 tonnes of gold, which is hidden behind a bombproof door, which can only be accessed through a voice recognition system and multiple three-foot-long keys. The bank has never said how heavy the door is.

The Teikoku Bank in Hiroshima, Japan is home to another legendary safe, but for more serious reasons. When the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in World War Two, the city was obliterated, but the underground safe remained intact.

Finally, there is Iron Mountain’s ‘The Underground’, a former limestone mine that now houses 1.8 million square feet of vaults. It is accessible through a drift entry, protected by a three-tonne steel gate, 24-hour armed guards, closed circuit cameras, and a commercially monitored central security station. All facilities are designed to have a minimum three-hour fire rating, including all walls, doors, and wall penetrations. It holds some of the world’s most valuable information, including for the US Government, the Smithsonian Institution and Warner Brothers.

While you might not need Fort Knox to protect your valuables, you can still purchase a safe that will give you a high degree of security. When choosing a safe, there are two anti-burglar test standards in use in Europe, EN 14450, which is for lighter security safes and security cabinets, and EN 1143, which is for high security safes. The EN 1143 standard is also known as the Eurograde system. Safes that meet European standards usually have a badge on the inside of the door listing the standard reached, as well as the testing organisation that performed the test.

These tests that safes are required to pass to get the standard are stringent, so you can be assured of its security if the safe has the certification on it.

If you have bought a safe then you ought to ensure it is professionally fitted by a qualified safe locksmith. Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough has highly skilled professional safe locksmiths who can come out to you and fit your safe for you. Inta-lock Locksmiths safe locksmiths have the correct safe fitting equipment needed to make sure that once in place the safe will not be able to be lifted or forcefully removed.

Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough can also help if you have lost or forgotten the combination or code for the safe. Our safe locksmiths can retrieve the code or reset and change it, using specialist equipment to programme new codes if it is electronic, if it is a mechanical or combination lock, Inta-lock Locksmiths can also deal with that.

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