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Home security in the future

Home security in the future

Home security in the future

For many years, home security was mainly about having good bolts on your doors and locks on your windows, but in today’s age of technology there is an array of new gadgets that can help keep your home safe. But what might the security systems of the future look like? We get our crystal ball out and have a look.

Smart locks

Locks are usually the first line of defence and technology is already changing the face of them. We already have digital locks, and ones that are opened via pin codes and apps on smartphones – some even allow you to open the lock remotely. With facial recognition technology developing rapidly, we could have locks that only open for people who the system recognises – not unlike how many smartphones open now, for instance.

Smart doorbells

There are already some smart doorbells on the market, with brands such as Ring – and this is something that Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough can fit for you. These are set to become more commonplace as the technology advances and will likely be part of connected home packages.

Some connected home systems are already on the market – such as Nest – that enables users to remotely control things like the thermostat. It can also be used to switch on lights and close blinds at night, which can give the illusion that someone is home when in reality everyone is out – and that can help to deter burglars.


Drones are so much more than just a cool toy. In future, among many other applications, such as deliveries, they could help keep your home safe. For instance, motion and sound sensors can be placed around your property and if one of those goes off you could deploy a drone to investigate whether it is just an animal or something less benign and send back live video to you.

Should you want to scare away whatever the intruder is – animal or burglar – the drone can use flashing lights and noises.

Smart cameras and burglar alarms

Security cameras have developed rapidly in recent years; long gone are the grainy black and white images with HD pictures now common. The next iteration of cameras will be motion-activated and able to distinguish between a cat running across the garden and a burglar. These are much more effective for helping police to identify burglars too.

Burglar alarms will also become smarter. In the future, it is possible that they could be linked to criminal databases and be able to identify people using face recognition software. Then, should a burglar enter – or attempt to – the alarm will be able to send data back to the local police.

It is also possible that the next generation of alarms could communicate with other systems nearby. For instance, if a suspicious person enters the garden of one property, other systems will be alerted and can start filming to gather data that could be instrumental in helping the authorities catch and convict the criminal.

Everyone wants to feel secure in their home, and it looks like that in the future technology will make homes more secure than ever before – without you feeling that you are living in Fort Knox. If you want advice on home security and systems installing, please give Inta-lock Locksmiths in Peterborough a call on …  


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