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We are an auto locksmith Thorney service that is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you fix all auto lock-related problems you may encounter. We can tackle all sorts of lock related problems including lost car keys, broken car keys, getting locked out of your car or when you simply need a duplicate of your car keys. To provide the best service, we have invested in the latest advanced systems and diagnostic tools to help fix all your lock-related issues as quickly as possible and have you back on the road as soon as possible.

All our Thorney auto locksmiths are fully insured and highly trained to handle all these problems quickly and efficiently.

We can help you with

  • Lost Car Keys in Thorney?

    It is one of the most common problems we encounter and as such as we understand how stressful losing your car keys can be. But when you call us, we will get to your location as quickly as we can with the latest key cutting and programming tools to cut a new key for you. Our programming tools help us extract the data from the car’s ECU and program the same data on to the new key’s transponder chip. We will also delete the old key from the car’s memory to make sure it can never be used again.

  • Locked Out of Your Car in Thorney?

    It is also a pretty common problem. But you don’t have to smash your car window and then have to incur the cost of fixing the broken window, instead, call our Thorney auto locksmiths. The locksmith will arrive at your location with the latest lock-picking technology to help you gain quick entry back into your vehicle, thereby saving you from having to repair a window.

  • Replacement Car Keys in Thorney

    Do you need an extra set of keys for your car? Our Thorney auto locksmiths can help you by duplicating your keys as many times as you want. We can also easily upgrade your standard key to the more reliable and user-friendly remote version.

  • Broken Car Keys? Call Us

    It is also not uncommon for car keys to break. Sometimes, the key can even break inside the lock barrel while you are trying to unlock the car. In this situation, we can help! Our auto locksmiths will remove the broken key from the lock barrel and then use the lock code to cut you a new key. If the broken key is a remote key, we will use a specialized system to repair the key on site or replace it.

Our Peterborough Auto locksmiths are trained in all makes vehicles including:

  • Ford Auto locksmiths
  • Volkswagon Auto locksmiths
  • Vauxhall Auto locksmiths
  • Landrover Auto locksmiths
  • Mitsubishi Auto locksmiths
  • Audi Auto locksmiths
  • Mercedes Auto locksmiths
  • Kia Auto locksmiths
  • BMW Auto locksmiths
  • Renault Auto locksmiths
  • Fiat Auto locksmiths
  • Peugeot Auto locksmiths
  • Citroen Auto locksmiths

Thorney is a village located on Cambridgeshire County in the East of the country. Before 1998, the village was part of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough until the two were separated into two distinct counties. Like most of her neighbours, Thorney is a historical village whose population is only now beginning to expand.

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