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As an auto locksmith in Bourne, we are available to you every day, 24 hours a day to help you with any problems may have with your car’s lock system. Our Bourne auto locksmiths are highly equipped and have the necessary experience to help you through various lock-related issues including lost car keys, broken keys, locking yourself out of your car and even creating duplicate car keys. To do this, we must have the latest in advanced systems and diagnostic tools to help us not just diagnose the problem, but also easily fix it, allowing you to get back on the road.

Each of our car locksmiths in Bourne is fully insured and very well trained to ensure professionalism when handling the problem.

We can help you with

  • Lost Car Keys in Bourne

    It is by far the most common problem we encounter. So when you lose your car keys, be assured that you can call us and we’ll get to you as quickly as possible with the latest in key cutting equipment and programming tools to cut you a new key in minutes. Our specialized programming tools are designed to help us extract the old data from the car’s ECU and program the data into the new key’s transponder chip. We then wipe the old key from the car’s memory, just in case it was stolen, to avoid someone else using the old key to access the car in the future.

  • Locked Out of Your Car in Bourne

    Did you find yourself locked out of your car? Before you think about smashing the window to unlock the car, call our auto locksmith in Bourne and save yourself the cost of having to repair the window. Our lock smith will arrive at your location with the latest in lock-picking technology to help you get back into your vehicle.

  • Replacement Car Keys in Bourne

    Do you need an extra set of keys? Our Bourne auto locksmiths will help you by duplicating your car keys as many times as possible. If you have a standard key, we can also easily upgrade it to the more reliable and user-friendly remote version.

  • Broken Car Keys?

    Broken car keys are also another very common problem we encounter. The key can just snap off in the lock as you attempt to unlock the car. In this case out Bourne auto lock smiths will remove the broken key from the lock and then use the lock code to cut you a new key. We can also repair or replace broken remote keys. Our systems can diagnose the problem to determine if the key can be fixed or if you’ll need a new one.

Our Peterborough Auto locksmiths are trained in all makes vehicles including:

  • Ford Auto locksmiths
  • Volkswagon Auto locksmiths
  • Vauxhall Auto locksmiths
  • Landrover Auto locksmiths
  • Mitsubishi Auto locksmiths
  • Audi Auto locksmiths
  • Mercedes Auto locksmiths
  • Kia Auto locksmiths
  • BMW Auto locksmiths
  • Renault Auto locksmiths
  • Fiat Auto locksmiths
  • Peugeot Auto locksmiths
  • Citroen Auto locksmiths

Bourne is a small market town in the South district of Lincolnshire. It is on an old Roman road that is today known as King Street. The name of Bourne comes from the Anglo-Saxon “bruna” which means “stream” or “water” indicating the natural springs in the town.

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