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Peterborough Locksmiths moving home Checklist

So you have finally got the keys to your new home and you are excited to get moved in and make your new home yours with placing your furniture in just the right place, maybe re decorating and putting your own creative flare on the place! All these things are what you will likely be experiencing once you move into your new home.

Now consider this, you have just put all of your worldly possessions into a property that has second hand locks! effectively meaning that you may not be the only person with the keys to your new property. Did the old owner really hand over ALL the keys? or did he forget about the one he leant to a friend or even the one that your new neighbour has in his draw for emergencies? Did the old owners have children? how many keys do you think they might have lost in the time they lived there or even left them round a friends house? The list is endless with scenarios that all end up with the same conclusion. Someone you do not know having the keys to your home!

Inta-lock locksmiths in Peterborough can help remedy this situation with our home movers special offers and bundle packages. we can replace the locks on your home and supply you with new keys for all the locks ensuring that you are the only person with access to your new property. Our Peterborough locksmiths will also upgrade any old locks that don’t conform to current insurance standards to make sure your home insurance policy doesn’t become invalidated if a break in should occur, not something you would really have to worry about though if Inta-lock locksmiths Peterborough upgrade your locks to our High security range that protect against lock snapping, lock bumping and other common attacks used by burglars these days. All you have to do is contact our local Peterborough locksmiths to discuss your needs and we can even carry out an onsite security evaluation to show you where you can further improve the security of your property through various different means such as alarm systems which are supplied and installed by our expert installers to high resolution CCTV systems that can be designed and installed by our installations experts.



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