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How do auto locksmiths replace car keys?

How do auto locksmiths replace car keys?

How do auto locksmiths replace lost car keys?

Losing your car keys is one of those nightmare scenarios that we all dread. That feeling when you make an increasingly frantic search for your keys, but they aren’t anywhere you look is one that will be familiar to many. Indeed, it’s something that has happened to more than a quarter of us, according to a survey by Lloyds Banking Group Car Insurance. While often they turn up, what do you need to do if they don’t? 

Firstly, don’t panic. Help can soon be at hand.

Once keys have been lost, you need to get the keys replaced and quickly. They are the first line of defence against thieves and if they do fall into the wrong hands then you need to move fast. This is where an auto locksmith can help – no matter what car, van or motorcycle you drive or ride. Inta-lock Locksmiths can provide services to people in Peterborough and the surrounding area who have lost their car keys.

Inta-lock locksmiths are fully mobile and can come out to you wherever you are – be you stuck out with your car or on your driveway – and issue a new set of keys. Although you will need to have some proof of ownership for the vehicle; the vehicle identification number, which is found on your V5C document in the vehicle log book, and a form of photo ID before we can proceed – obviously we have to check that you are who you say you are!

We will come out to you as quickly as possible when we get the call, so we can get new keys created and you on your way again. Inta-lock locksmiths have fully trained professionals with years of experience in the automotive security industry. It doesn’t matter what sort of make or model of car you have, Inta-lock locksmiths carry a wide range of key blanks so they will  be able give you a replacement set of car keys on the same day.

It also doesn’t matter what sort of key you have, whether it is a traditional key without electronics inside – generally found on pre-1995 cars – or a modern one with a transponder programmed to a specific vehicle, Inta-lock locksmiths will have a solution available.

Inta-lock locksmiths have can create a new key using the latest key cutting equipment and programming tools. They do this by extracting the security data from your car’s ECU using specialist equipment and them programme that information into a new transponder chip on a new key. 

Once that has been done, Inta-lock locksmiths’ experts will programme the new key into the car’s memory and delete the details of the lost car key from its memory, which will stop anyone that has found or stolen your keys from being able to drive away in your car.

In terms of payment, Inta-lock locksmiths in Peterborough offer very competitive rates for replacing lost or stolen car keys.

Of course, some insurance companies offer cover for lost or stolen keys as part of an insurance policy, although not always as standard – sometimes it is an optional upgrade. Its worth checking if you have it on your policy.

Some insurers offer key cover as part of your car insurance policy for lost and stolen keys, although others only offer this as an add-on or upgrade. If you aren’t sure that you have cover, then check your policy.

It is also worth checking to make sure that if you do make a claim it does not affect your no-claims discount.


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